Mitutoyo UK and Covid-19


Now we are starting the third month of the restrictions imposed on the country the advice from government remains largely the same regarding working from home where possible. However, many companies have begun to reopen to some degree and therefore demand for our products and services is increasing. Services for calibration and maintenance in particular is busy and our service engineers are doing a great job in supporting customers and ensuring their businesses are operational as the manufacturing sector begins the road to recovery. In the meantime, the company remains committed to supporting all customers and staff to the best of its ability while minimising the risk of spreading the virus in any way.

We have maintained a reduced product supply operation for customers since restrictions were imposed. It is felt that this was essential in view of the more than 80 medical equipment companies we support in the UK, and who have continued manufacturing vital supplies. This will remain unchanged for the present.

We continually review and revise the COVID-19 safety procedures and precautions that we have been operating since March. As business travels the road back to normality we now feel that with appropriate safety measures in place for customers and staff, certain activities, such as training can resume. 

Staff safety at Mitutoyo sites

In accordance with our risk assessment, all staff members are working from home where possible and staff visits to offices are on an essential basis only, with the appropriate distancing rules being observed at all times.

Customer and staff safety during visits to Mitutoyo sites

We are preparing our sites to make sure any customer visiting our facilities are as safe as possible with measures put in place based on our risk assessment. Appropriate personal distancing rules, one-way site routing and hand sanitising dispensers are among the measures that will be in place. There will be comprehensive signage provided to guide customers and staff in these safety practices.


Sales are fully operational to meet the increasing demand. Whilst the entire sales team are working from home, customer visits can be accommodated providing a safe environment is assured.


  • Breakdowns – this service is fully supported. Mitutoyo service staff perform a pre-assessment in advance of every on-site visit and practice appropriate personal distancing and sanitising rules when on site.
  • Repairs – a limited repair service is available to handle critical-customer requests.
  • Routine machine servicing – a limited service is maintained for critical customers as we prepare for the return to full-scale servicing in the coming weeks. Mitutoyo servicing staff perform a pre-assessment in advance of every on-site visit and practice appropriate personal distancing and sanitising rules when on site.
  • Training – now resuming to a limited extent while we are looking at new solutions to best serve the needs of our customers. All staff and customers when on site will observe appropriate personal distancing and sanitising rules. We are prepared to discuss any requests with our customers and work with them to provide training wherever possible.
  • Calibration – remains available to all customers.
  • Mitutoyo Gauging Technology division – remains operational to provide support to customers in developing customised measurement solutions in support of quality assurance operations, and is preparing to support customers on site as the return to work gathers pace.
  • Measurement Services – our custom measurement service remains operational for all customers.
  • Helpdesk – support for our customers through phone and email contact remains in place as usual with the emphasis on providing support by remote means wherever possible.

We intend to keep staff and customers updated with the company’s plans as the situation improves and restrictions are relaxed. The safety of our staff, their families and our customers is always the first consideration while endeavouring to support critical UK companies in their operations in the fight against the pandemic and UK industry in general as we return to normality.



v1.2 Updated 26 May 2020.